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City of Regina Capital Grants Program

The City of Regina has approved our project, The Mills Condominiums for grants of up to $15,000 which can be used towards the down-payment on these homes. You may be eligible to receive these grants if:

  • You do not currently own another home
  • You plan to live in the home
  • You qualify for a mortgage
  • You meet the following household income qualifications:
    • Single Purchaser, no dependants $72,720
    • Dual Purchasers, no dependants $77,568
    • Single or Dual Purchaser(s), 1 dependant $82,416
    • Single or Dual Purchaser(s), 2 dependants $87,264
    • Single or Dual Purchaser(s), 3 dependants $92,112

Along with the grant, eligible homeowners will receive a 5-year tax abatement. This mean a reduced tax amount for 5 years!


Program Ready to move into a new home but don’t quite have enough savings for the down payment? This program is perfect for you! The HeadStart Program provides home buyers with a borrowed down payment for up to $15,000 at a very low interest rate. This loan is separate from your mortgage and can be paid back over 5 years. This program can be used towards our Caturra in the Park project. For more information on this great program please visit the website.

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