Feature Wall for Your Home

Feature Wall for Your Home

Whether you are moving into a newly built home or a new-to-you home there is one thing that we all strive for. We want to bring our own creativity to make our house feel like a home and showcase our unique style. First time homebuyers may be unsure what their style is and more established buyers may have had many different taste preferences over the years.

No matter what your style, we have a suggestion that will work for you. Consider installing a feature wall in your home! It is guaranteed to add warmth and texture to any space and won’t cost a fortune. For a small investment you can make a huge impact by adding visual interest to your home.

Great areas of the home to use a feature wall are in a bedroom to highlight a bed, in a front entryway or living room.

For a Rustic Look

Consider using reclaimed wood, hardwood flooring or purchase wood from a hardware store and stain it yourself. This will provide warmth to your home and give the space a beachy or rustic look

For a Modern Look

Consider using 3D wall panels which can either be left white or painted to match your wall colour. These panels can be purchased from your local hardware store for a reasonable price. This will provide a very modern, luxurious feel to your room

For a Traditional Look

Consider using wallpaper, it’s not just old school floral patterns. Wallpaper comes in a wide variety of designs and patterns which can fit any style from modern to traditional and everything in between.



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