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North Ridge Regina Home Warranty

Ensuring Excellence: The North Ridge Regina Home Warranty

Welcome to the comprehensive guide to your new home’s warranty coverage with North Ridge Regina. As a proud partner of Saskatchewan ‘Home Warranty’ since we began building beautiful homes in 1982, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of construction and customer care. This partnership reflects our dedication to quality and our promise to provide every homeowner with peace of mind through robust warranty protections.


Our Commitment Backed by Saskatchewan ‘Home Warranty’

Since opening our doors over three decades ago, we have been a proud partner of Saskatchewan ‘Home Warranty’, an organization established in 1976 to set and uphold high standards in home construction. This partnership is integral to our mission, ensuring every home we build not only adheres to, but often exceeds, stringent national and provincial building requirements. This commitment to excellence sets the stage for our Premier Coverage, offering an extensive 1-2-10 warranty that guarantees the long-term satisfaction and security of our homeowners.


Our Premier Coverage: The 1-2-10 Promise

North Ridge Regina offers Premier Coverage to ensure the highest standard of protection for your new home. This top-tier warranty package includes 1-2-10 coverage: one year of workmanship and materials protection, two years against water penetration, and a comprehensive ten years against major structural defects. We also safeguard your initial deposit up to $50,000 to protect against financial risks before construction begins. We explore the specifics of these protections next.


One-Year Workmanship and Materials Coverage

Every North Ridge home is a testament to quality, constructed according to the highest standards set by the National Building Code of Canada and detailed by the Saskatchewan Home Warranty’s “Construction Performance Guidelines.” This warranty covers any defects in workmanship and materials for a full year from the
day you move in.

For instance, a faucet begins leaking within the first year, these issues would be addressed under the one-year workmanship and materials coverage, ensuring repairs or replacements are made without compromising the aesthetic or functionality of your home.


Two-Year Water Penetration Coverage

Your home’s defense against the elements is paramount. Our two-year water penetration coverage includes critical areas like the roof, exterior cladding, windows, and doors, as well as basement foundation walls, ensuring they remain impenetrable by exterior water.

Imagine you’re hit by a heavy rainstorm and you notice water trickling in around a window frame. Under the two-year water penetration coverage, North Ridge would take steps to resolve these issues, ensuring that the seals, frames, and installation meet the highest standards to prevent future leaks.


Ten-Year Major Structural Defects Coverage

Our long-term commitment extends to a ten-year warranty covering Major Structural Defects. This crucial warranty protects against potential defects in any load-bearing components that could compromise the structural integrity of your home, giving you a decade of assurance against significant structural concerns.

Consider a scenario where a foundation wall in your home develops a significant crack, which is a rare but serious issue. This would fall under the ten-year major structural defects coverage, where North Ridge would address and rectify the foundational and structural integrity concerns to restore safety and stability to your home.


Deposit Protection Coverage

North Ridge also offers deposit protection coverage, ensuring the initial deposit on your new home up to a maximum of $50,000. This aspect of our warranty safeguards your deposit against any financial pitfalls that may occur before construction begins, like permitting delays, project cancellation due to unforeseen legal issues, or builder bankruptcy.

For example, in a rare case where the new home you’ve invested in is suddenly cancelled due to an unforeseen issue like environmental concerns on the site, your deposit protection coverage comes into effect. This ensures that you can recover your initial deposit up to $50,000, mitigating the disappointment and financial impact of the project not proceeding as planned.


North Ridge Regina’s Premier Coverage delivers the ultimate safeguard for your home, providing peace of mind and a strong foundation for your investment.


Understanding Your Warranty Limits

While North Ridge Regina offers extensive protection for your new home, we share specific exclusions, intended to define the boundaries of coverage. This section will help you understand what is not included in our warranty, ensuring complete transparency.


Exclusions from Warranty Coverage:

Certain elements like detached garages, landscaping, and exterior concrete surfaces such as driveways and sidewalks are not covered under our standard home warranty. Additionally, appliances, alterations made by the homeowner, and surface defects not documented at possession are excluded.

Homeowners should also note that the warranty does not cover the completion of unfinished homes or any contractual disputes regarding the specifications noted in your purchase agreement. It’s crucial to ensure that all agreements are detailed in your contract to avoid misunderstandings. If you ever have questions or need clarification, our expert sales agents are here to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a clear and seamless experience.


Be Informed

Understanding these exclusions helps set realistic expectations and ensures you are fully informed about the coverage of your new North Ridge Regina home. We are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction by clearly outlining both the protections provided and the exclusions, building a trustworthy, long-term relationship from the moment you choose your new home.

For more comprehensive details on what’s covered and what’s not, visit the Saskatchewan Home Warranty’s exclusion page.


Your Assurance of Quality and Integrity

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction at North Ridge Regina is validated not only by our comprehensive building practices but also through prestigious accolades and awards over the years, like the Avid Gold Award we received in May 2024. This award reflects our achievement in creating superior homebuying experiences as measured across North America, highlighting our excellence in both the craftsmanship of our homes and the service we provide.

Choosing a North Ridge Regina home means investing in a property built with precision and care. Our warranty coverages, designed to protect your investment from day one, demonstrate our commitment to your satisfaction and the longevity of your home. By understanding both the protections provided and any exclusions, you can fully appreciate the value and security we offer. For detailed information on what is covered and what isn’t, and to make the most of your warranty, we encourage you to stay informed and engaged throughout your homeownership journey.

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to speak to one of our expert sales agents who are ready to assist you every step of the way, ensuring you feel confident and well- informed about your new North Ridge home. Reach out today!


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