The Pros and Cons of Building a New Home

Pros And Cons Of Building A New Home

In the market to buy a new home? Not sure if you should buy a new build or a resale home? The decision isn’t always simple. The clear benefit to buying a new home as opposed to an existing home is that it’s brand spanking new. A newly constructed home is clean, unused and everything is in good working order and there are no necessary and costly renovations, the home is move-in ready.

Purchasing a new North Ridge home comes with its advantages, it’s maintenance costs should be minimal; its construction materials and systems are up-to-code and energy efficient and the homes are equipped with the latest amenities. Aesthetics aside, these could save you a lot of money each year on utility costs because they’re designed to be cost-efficient, not just handy. Not only that, North Ridge homes use low-VOC paints and flooring, which are better for your health. Additionally, if you’re not buying an already constructed home, you often get the opportunity to fine-tune the home you buy by selecting certain features, colors, styles, etc., and even financing any add-ons into the mortgage. Add-ons offered by North Ridge include appliance and blind packages.

While these benefits are undeniable, at North Ridge we want our homeowners to remain happy and to accomplish this it’s best that you are made aware of some additional expenses and lifestyle adjustments that could come up so that you are able to make an informed purchase decision and so there aren’t any unpleasant surprises:

A newly constructed home doesn’t always come with everything you need. It is quite common
for them to lack essentials like appliances, window coverings, decks, fencing and landscaping
outdoors. Be sure to check with your Sales Consultant to understand what you’re getting with
your new home purchase.

While many items are available to be added at the time of purchase to ease your financial strain, some common items that are not included with homes include; decks, fencing and landscaping. Each of these missing items can be a major added expense. It’s best to do some research to figure out how much these items will cost. Make sure to factor these purchases into your budget.

There are also some other unknowns that could affect your quality of life during the first few years of your new home purchase. There might even be multiple homes under construction surrounding yours, with tractors and hammering construction workers doing what they do all day long.

Often in a new community, you don’t really know what you’re fully buying into. Who will build next to you? How long will that lot remain vacant next door? It’s okay to take a chance on these unknowns. Just realize that you’re taking a chance. Conditions can change in established neighborhoods, too, but those might give you a better idea of what life will be like in your new home, compared to a community that’s evolving.

At the end of the day if you decide on purchasing a new North Ridge home you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of the latest construction technology and have peace of mind with a 1-year warranty on workmanship and materials, 2-year water penetration warranty and 5 to 10-year structural warranty. If you go with an older home, you roll the dice on whether you might have major bills on your hands when the roof gives out, or you discover serious plumbing issues.


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