Tips for Choosing Your New Countertops

Tips for Choosing Your New Countertops

Choosing a countertop for your new home can be an exciting yet daunting decision. Countertops play an important role in setting the tone and design style of your home. With varied tastes, functional needs and budget constraints here are some things to consider when choosing one of the countertop options available to you in your new North Ridge Home:


Pictured above: Merlot by the Park

Pros: Nothing matches the beauty and truly unique nature of natural stone. With striking patterns and veining, each piece is one-of-a-kind. Granite stands up well to water, knife knicks heat and general wear and tear.

Cons: Granite must be sealed periodically to avoid staining. Extreme colour variations can occur from sample to slab, it is always recommended that you choose your slab directly from our supplier when selecting this countertop surface.

Cost: Starting around $7,000 to install throughout*


Pictured above: Merlot Three

Pros: This attractive man-made product offers numerous patterns and varied colours not available in natural stone. With greater durability than granite and the non-porous nature of quartz countertops, it is resistant to staining and doesn’t require sealing.

Cons: There aren’t many cons to quartz countertops in terms of durability because it’s a manufactured product with the added advantage of no colour variation from sample to slab. However; because the look of quartz countertops tends to be more contemporary, it may not suit the tastes of more traditional oriented individuals.

Cost: Starting around $4,500 to install throughout*


Pictured above: Tamarack Pointe

Pros: The mainstay of kitchen for decades, these versatile and durable countertops are made to mimic natural stone, butcher block and other pricier surfaces. These countertops can withstand a lot of wear and tear and are resistant to staining.

Cons: Laminate is prone to scratching, burns and in some cases stains. Prolonged exposure to water can cause the wear layer to peel exposing the particle board below. We always recommend cleaning up potential stains immediately, not allowing water to sit on the surface for prolonged periods, using a heat pad when placing hot items on this surface and a cutting board when cutting.

Cost: Laminate is included standard in our pricing *All costs are based on our Tamarack Pointe Condominiums and are subject to change at North Ridge’s discretion



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