Top 10 Reasons Why Electric Fireplaces are Great

With the look and feel of a real fireplace an Electric fireplace is a great option to cozy up next to and enjoy all winter and summer long. Here’s a look at ten things that make them great:

No Fumes

Unlike gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces do not produce carbon monoxide, that way if something goes wrong, your home’s occupants will not be at risk of carbon monoxide exposure.

Energy Efficient

Electric fireplaces do not require venting like a gas fireplace making them 99% efficient. Because they don’t use chimneys or vents, all the heat that is produced stays in the home, unlike their gas counterparts where a portion of the heat is being lost outside through the venting. When the ideal temperature has been reached in a room, the heater will turn off while leaving the flames on. This means that you can still enjoy the look and heat of a fireplace without wasting energy.

Save Money

You may have assumed that the energy efficiency of an electric fireplace also makes them more cost effective. As far as fireplaces go, electric is the least expensive. They are also able to heat a room quickly, making them perfect for zone heating, providing heat to the room you’re in and allowing you to maintain a lower temperature throughout which would save you money on your overall heating costs. Finally, since they are maintenance free, you can save the cost of yearly vent and valve inspections and the cleaning as required on a gas fireplace.

Low Maintenance

Having the ambiance and warmth of a fireplace is much easier to enjoy when there is little to no maintenance involved.

Longer Lifespan

Electric fireplaces have a longer lifespan when compared to their gas counterparts. Since they are not a combustible energy resource, electric fireplaces are not susceptible to rust and corrosion. Use one for several years on end and it still looks as new as the first day you got it.


Electric fireplaces have cool surfaces, you don’t have to worry about burns from touching the fireplace, making them ideal solution for people with pets or children.


Electric fireplaces can be enjoyed year-round, turning the heat function on only when you need to. For the warmer part of the year, you can turn on the flames without the heat and still enjoy the relaxing ambiance of a fireplace.

Resale Value

Adding a built-in fireplace to a home that does not already have one can increase resale value in any home, regardless of the type of fireplace you have.


Electric fireplaces come in several different styles and options. They can look more traditional or contemporary to match any type of home decor or architectural style. Furthermore, they allow the owner to be in complete control of their ideal fire experience. Depending on the features of the model you choose, you can customize settings such as brightness, flame speed, flame color, and more to suit your style or mood.

Maximize your room space

With most models only requiring 6” depth of space to install, they can be placed in locations that wouldn’t normally allow for fireplaces without taking up valuable floor space. This is especially noticeable with interior wall placements where a typical gas unit would require 18” depth of space to be installed.


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